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Guardians Of The Sea

by Marta K

My first fantasy type illustration. I started with a picture of a mermaid by Alaskan dude, and I used the bubbles texture by Monti2008, thank you to both for providing free images. I feel like the faces here could have been a tad better, but that's something that I still have to learn to do. To make the couple I used a lot of \"Free Transform\" tools. I wonder what one day my style is going to be, as I don't yet have one. I guess that's comes with time and experimentation. = )
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  • 25/02 2010

    Matt Bain

    I love the theme of this - I've had a work-in-prog for quite a while that's in a similar vein; should really get round to completing it.... Get over to Deviant Art for a blether...?
  • 06/02 2010

    Michele Porsche

    Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my work!
  • 12/01 2010

    José Reis

    Thanks a lot Emmi for the comments! You have some interesting pieces of art in your gallery! Keep going.